Not all pools are created equal

Composite Armour™

Reinforced with Kevlar, Basalt, and Carbon Fiber.

Composite Armour™ is a carefully woven, patented blend of three high performance fibers. Bullet proof vests, body armor, military vehicles, wind turbines and various aerospace, automotive and numerous other cutting edge applications all owe credit to the incredible strengths of these fibers.

DuPont™ Kevlar ®

Provides bend strength without stretching or shrinking and incredible resistance to stress and fatigue.

Carbon Fiber

Carbon atoms organised into a crystalline structure produce a strength-to-weight ratio higher than steel and titanium.

Basalt Fiber

Made from volcanic lava rock and offering a naturally superior compression strength with an increased resistance to fracture.

Sure-footed confidence.

From entry steps to benches, spa sides and bottoms, splash pads and even side walls, the integrated features of every Leisure Pool are reinforced with additional Composite Armour™ inserts. The result is a pool that feels incredibly solid under every step.

Engineered to flex its strength.

That same give-and-take flexibility makes every Leisure Pool capable of accommodating the natural swelling and contracting process of the Earth with ease. All thanks to increased flexural and tensile strength of Composite Armour™.

Envisioning the mold.

Construction of a Leisure Pool begins with a simple conceptual drawing. Our team of master carpenters then turn this idea into a full-size wooden pool, off which a precise negative mold is cast.

Multiplying the design.

The mold is then wheeled through various stations of our environment-controlled manufacturing facility, where a team of fiberglass laminators reference benchmarked standards and construct a composite fiberglass pool shell around it.

Hitting the mark.

Quality control measures include batch testing of raw materials for flexural and tensile strength, cure percentages, barcoal hardness, burn and boil limits, and thickness inspections in precise locations on every manufactured shell.

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