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Why Winter is a Great Time to Buy an Inground Pool

You may not be thinking about swimming in November, December, January, and February. However, the winter months are the best time to build a pool, if you want to be swimming in your own backyard when the weather warms. Building a pool in the winter has many other advantages, which will be laid out in this article, explaining why winter is a great time to buy an inground pool.

6 Reasons to Build an Inground Pool in the Winter

In order to enjoy the myriad benefits of owning an inground pool, there are several steps to take to make that dream come true. Since the process involves finding a reliable pool builder, designing the pool, obtaining a permit, and excavation and construction, it’s best to begin several months before you would like to take your first backyard dip. Here are the six top reasons for getting started in the winter.

1. 3D Rendering Under the Tree

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Imagine the way your spouse or child’s face will light up when they open a box under the tree and find, taped to its bottom, under all of the multi-colored crepe paper . . . a 3D rendering of the pool they can enjoy in the spring! It works great for winter birthdays and other holidays, too. You can also pop it into a greeting card. When you design a pool with a professional pool company, most can supply you with a 3D rendering that will show you a representation of your new pool. With the benefit of drone footage, they can even show you how it will look in your backyard.

2. Saving on Your Taxes

December is a time when many people are reviewing their taxes, ensuring that they are getting all of the write-offs that they can and reducing their tax obligation. When financing an inground pool, you may be able to write off the interest and the construction costs over the increase in property value. Contact your tax consultant to learn more.

3. Better for Landscaping

Building a pool involves heavy equipment and excavation, and it may be going in right where your flowerbed was. Building a pool in the winter is less disruptive to landscaping, because most plants are dormant during the winter. Moving a plant while dormant creates less risk of loss. In addition, those annuals won’t be yanked out during full bloom. With the landscaping changes made during the winter, while the pool construction is being completed, your plants have the opportunity to grow back by the spring.

4. Faster Permit Turnaround

Most pool builders will take care of obtaining the pool permit on your behalf. This is something to ask a prospective pool builder. There is no standard turn-around time for permits as it varies by jurisdiction and can be influenced by staffing issues and current volume. However, with overall construction at an ebb in the winter, the permitting department in your jurisdiction will likely have shorter lead times.

5. Avoids Rushing

Man in turtleneck holding coffee cup in both hands while smiling out window.

Trying to get a pool in before your Memorial weekend barbecue with too little time for construction can cause stress and uncertainty. When you build in the winter, you have time to make careful decisions and have the pool completed with landscaping renewed before that barbecue. Construction crews are generally less busy in the winter, so will not be rushed either, and able to make your pool a priority.

6. Ready for the Warm Weather

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In the winter, you’re likely not spending as much time in your backyard, so the construction will cause less of a disruption to your lifestyle. Beginning pool construction in the winter will have your pool finished when the weather is warm. When the spring and summer days beckon you outdoors, you can spend more time in your yard, without it being under construction, and can get back to outdoor entertaining. Best of all, you can enjoy your new pool as the center piece of it all.

Plan Now for Your Backyard Bliss

Imagine yourself swimming in your own backyard pool this spring or summer. With so many reasons to start now, during the winter, why wait? You could surprise loved ones with a 3D pool rendering of their long-lasting gift that’s worth the wait. You could also experience tax advantages and minimizes disruption to your landscaping and lifestyle. Plus, with quicker permit turnarounds and a stress-free construction timeline, you’ll be ready to dive into summer without any delays. Come summer, your California backyard can be your new favorite place to be. If you’re in the Santa Rosa, Petaluma, Healdsburg, or anywhere in Sonoma County, Marin County, Lake County, Solano County, or Napa County, reach out to Lux Pools today for a no-cost, no-obligation estimate!



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