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Why Winter is a Great Time to Buy an Inground Pool

You may not be thinking about swimming in November, December, January, and February. However, the winter months are the best time to build a pool, if you want to be swimming in your own backyard when the weather warms. Building a pool in the winter has many other advantages, which will be laid out in this article, explaining why winter is a great time to buy an inground pool.

6 Reasons to Build an Inground Pool in the Winter

In order to enjoy the myriad benefits of owning an inground pool, there are several steps to take to make that dream come true. Since the process involves finding a reliable pool builder, designing the pool, obtaining a permit, and excavation and construction, it’s best to begin several months before you would like to take your first backyard dip. Here are the six top reasons for getting started in the winter.

1. 3D Rendering Under the Tree

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Imagine the way your spouse or child’s face will light up when they open a box under the tree and find, taped to its bottom, under all of the multi-colored crepe paper . . . a 3D rendering of the pool they can enjoy in the spring! It works great for winter birthdays and other holidays, too. You can also pop it into a greeting card. When you design a pool with a professional pool company, most can supply you with a 3D rendering that will show you a representation of your new pool. With the benefit of drone footage, they can even show you how it will look in your backyard.

2. Saving on Your Taxes

December is a time when many people are reviewing their taxes, ensuring that they are getting all of the write-offs that they can and reducing their tax obligation. When financing an inground pool, you may be able to write off the interest and the construction costs over the increase in property value. Contact your tax consultant to learn more.

3. Better for Landscaping

Building a pool involves heavy equipment and excavation, and it may be going in right where your flowerbed was. Building a pool in the winter is less disruptive to landscaping, because most plants are dormant during the winter. Moving a plant while dormant creates less risk of loss. In addition, those annuals won’t be yanked out during full bloom. With the landscaping changes made during the winter, while the pool construction is being completed, your plants have the opportunity to grow back by the spring.

4. Faster Permit Turnaround

Most pool builders will take care of obtaining the pool permit on your behalf. This is something to ask a prospective pool builder. There is no standard turn-around time for permits as it varies by jurisdiction and can be influenced by staffing issues and current volume. However, with overall construction at an ebb in the winter, the permitting department in your jurisdiction will likely have shorter lead times.

5. Avoids Rushing

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Trying to get a pool in before your Memorial weekend barbecue with too little time for construction can cause stress and uncertainty. When you build in the winter, you have time to make careful decisions and have the pool completed with landscaping renewed before that barbecue. Construction crews are generally less busy in the winter, so will not be rushed either, and able to make your pool a priority.

6. Ready for the Warm Weather

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In the winter, you’re likely not spending as much time in your backyard, so the construction will cause less of a disruption to your lifestyle. Beginning pool construction in the winter will have your pool finished when the weather is warm. When the spring and summer days beckon you outdoors, you can spend more time in your yard, without it being under construction, and can get back to outdoor entertaining. Best of all, you can enjoy your new pool as the center piece of it all.

Plan Now for Your Backyard Bliss

Imagine yourself swimming in your own backyard pool this spring or summer. With so many reasons to start now, during the winter, why wait? You could surprise loved ones with a 3D pool rendering of their long-lasting gift that’s worth the wait. You could also experience tax advantages and minimizes disruption to your landscaping and lifestyle. Plus, with quicker permit turnarounds and a stress-free construction timeline, you’ll be ready to dive into summer without any delays. Come summer, your California backyard can be your new favorite place to be. If you’re in the Santa Rosa, Petaluma, Healdsburg, or anywhere in Sonoma County, Marin County, Lake County, Solano County, or Napa County, reach out to Lux Pools today for a no-cost, no-obligation estimate!



Table set on outdoor dining table with pool and spa in background.

Benefits of a Custom Inground Swimming Pool

If you’re on the fence about whether to take the plunge (pun intended) and install an inground swimming pool in your backyard, this article is for you. You know you would love having a pool, right? You just need a little extra justification for the expense. First off, the expense might be less than you think. (Head over to our article entitled “How much do inground pools cost?” for more about the cost.) Meanwhile, this article will focus on the benefits of a custom inground swimming pool.

Six reasons to install an inground pool in your backyard

There are many reasons why installing a gunite (concrete) pool in your backyard is going to transform your outdoor living area, expand your family and friends entertainment options, make relaxation a priority and so much more.  Here are six reasons to get you started.

1. Family Recreation without Transportation

grey-haired man swimming underwater with two boys in gogglesIf you have young people in your home, an inground pool provides a healthy activity with exercise and fresh air without having to figure out logistics, fight traffic and lose time in your day.

2. Backyard Hydrotherapy

It’s been proven that exercising in water has many benefits. It’s often prescribed for patients with arthritis, other joint pain or injury recovery, because of the gentle resistance, warmth and buoyancy. If your doctor has prescribed hydrotherapy, you may even get a tax deduction on your installation. Consult your tax professional if this may be the case.

3. Daily Swims Made Simple

The convenience for swimmers is undeniable. You can get in a morning or evening swim without dealing with the extra time and stress of traffic or the hassle of packing your gear for the locker room. With your own inground pool, you can throw on a suit (or not), slip into your flip flops by your back door, walk across your landscaped yard and jump in. That’s California dreamin’!

4. Inviting Focal Point for Outdoor Entertaining

Table set on outdoor dining table with pool and spa in background. What can be better than entertaining around your beautiful inground pool? Having a swimming pool as part of your stylish landscaping can create a soothing, inviting focal point and built-in activity. Whether it’s a cocktail party poolside or a barbecue with the neighbors, your own pool will take your outdoor entertaining to the next level.

5. Increased Property Value

An inground pool can enhance the aesthetic of your property and increase your property’s overall value by around 7% according to many real estate reports, especially in warm climates. It can also better attract homebuyers when and if you sell your home.

6. Relaxation Value of Viewing a Body of Water

Have you noticed that you feel more calm when you are near a pool, a lake, the ocean, or even a fountain? There’s scientific evidence that it’s an actual phenomenon. Two recent UC Davis studies found that simply looking at bodies of water can help decrease the gazer’s heart rate and blood pressure. It was also found to boost feelings of relaxation.

Experience the Benefits with Lux Pools

The benefits of owning a custom inground swimming pool are abundant, ranging from family fun and daily convenience to increased property value and relaxation benefits. If you’re considering pool ownership, Lux Pools is here to help. If you’re in the Santa Rosa, Petaluma, Healdsburg, or anywhere in Sonoma County, Marin County, Lake County, Solano County, or Napa County, reach out to Lux Pools today for a no-cost, no-obligation estimate and we’ll turn your backyard into a personal oasis!

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How Much Do Inground Pools Cost?

Imagine having your own heated, inground pool that you can enjoy nearly year-round. If suiting up and walking into your own backyard for a swim any time of day is something you dream about, this article is for you. Finding an answer to your question, “How much do inground pools cost,” can be difficult. Many sellers of “luxury” products hesitate to attach a price tag. Though this may be part of the reason, it’s not the only one. Custom gunite (concrete) pool pricing depends on a number of variables, because it’s really a design and construction project, not a product that’s delivered or worn out of the store. In this article, you will learn about five variables that can dictate the cost of installing an inground pool in your own backyard.

Five factors that determine the cost of an inground gunite pool installation

The beauty of a custom gunite pool is that it can reflect your style and needs and be uniquely your own. Anytime something is designed and custom built, the costs will vary along with the customizations. Here are the five primary factors:

1. Bigger pools cost more

5 cute boys and girls of varied ages jumping into a backyard pool in front of a wooden fence while holding hands.

This may seem obvious, but breaking down the cost of pool construction begins with the size of the pool. The quantity of materials and the labor costs increase with the size of the swimming pool. As an example, a 16’ x 32’ rectangular pool will cost more than twice as much as a 14’ x 20’ pool according to Michael Dean of Pool Research.

3. Custom Shapes

curved pool with connected spa in backyard with palm trees in behind houseCustom shapes can be a great way to make the most of your available space and add a touch of class. An experienced pool designer can create almost any shape and can make suggestions based on your yard and needs. Commonly requested custom shapes include:

  • Round
  • Kidney
  • Star
  • Cross

Custom pool shapes are pricier due to the additional engineering and labor required to create them. However, depending on the shape, size and landscaping of your yard and your style, the extra price might be totally worth it.

4. Custom Pool Features

Custom shaped pool in backyard of two-story house. Retaining wall includes waterfall into pool and tiki bar on top.

Just like when you look at options for a new car, there are add-ons that can be must-haves. If you’re going to build a pool, you want it to be uniquely you and have all the features you need or that would simply bring you more joy as you swim, soak, or entertain.

Inground swimming pool features include:

  • Separate spa
  • Spa within the pool’s footprint
  • Fountains or other waterfalls
  • Additional entry points
  • Handrails
  • Tile or other material upgrades
  • Built-in LED lighting
  • Built-in Seating
  • Built-in Sound System
  • Vanishing pool
  • Water treatment system
  • Heat pump
  • Additional patio (hardscaping)
  • Retaining walls
  • Landscaping
  • Fencing
  • Pool Cover

4. Excavation and Access Challenges

The size and scope of the pool are the biggest factors when all things are equal. However, when it comes to digging a pool-sized hole in your backyard, that cost can vary depending on the ground you’re excavating. Poor soil conditions, high water tables, and sloping terrain can all be challenges that require more work. As a matter of fact, some sites may be unsuitable for an inground pool if these factors are not easily mitigated.

How easily the pool construction crew and equipment can get to the installation site can also be a factor, whether it’s a steep, narrow driveway or a small backyard gate. If you have a level backyard with easy access and no soil issues, your installation costs will be lower.

5. Local Market Pricing

Material and labor prices will vary by region and will fluctuate with the local economy. The local market price in Northern California may contrast greatly from that in Texas or Hawaii, for instance. In addition, the abundance or lack of pool builders in your area can also impact your price. Lastly, the cost of the permit to build the pool will vary by local jurisdiction.

Estimated Cost of an Inground Swimming Pool

Discovering the cost of your own inground pool involves unraveling key factors like size, custom shapes, features, excavation challenges, and local market pricing. The price can range significantly, based on myriad variables. A basic, small, rectangular pool with no frills and an easy installation can start at $50,000, while a fancier, bigger pool with custom materials and features can run as high as $500,000. Only an estimate from an expert pool builder can tell you the true cost of your dream pool.

Choose Lux Pools in the SF Bay Area

With so many custom options to choose from, only you know what you need from your pool and what you want it to look like. You can discuss all of the variables with the experts at Lux Pools. From the convenience of daily swims to the added property value and the therapeutic benefits of water, there are myriad reasons why a custom inground pool is worth considering.

Learn more about the benefits of installing a custom inground pool.

Ready to turn your California dream of a beautiful inground pool into reality?  If you’re in the Santa Rosa, Petaluma, Healdsburg, or anywhere in Sonoma County, Marin County, Lake County, Solano County, or Napa County, reach out to Lux Pools today for a no-cost, no-obligation estimate! Don’t miss out—take the first step towards creating your own aquatic haven!